• Opinions

    The satisfaction of our costumers is the top priority at our company. Please share your opinion with us.

  • The whole built-in wardrobe project was perfectly executed and finished. Both the measurement, the deliver and the construction was a high quality work. I am very satisfied!

    30.01.2017 András Szőke

  • Quick, accurate,correct and precise work, given for a fair price. Thes show up in time, they are prepared, quick and did a clean work. They are true to their slogan: ”HV wardrobes, quality for a fair price”. Thank you very much for the built-in wardrobe!

    10.02.2017 Péter Molnár

  • Door types

  • A built-in wardrobe made for unique needs is part of a modern home. The doors of a wardrobe will define its look and usefulness in the same time. These doors can be sliding or panel doors. Both have its advantages and drawbacks.

  • Should we choose whichever type, the look of the doors can be individualised with a countless variation of colours and accesories. The colored block-boards, glass and mirrors, the stickable foils, the dividers and the different frames are all available to help us make a truly unique built-in wardrobe.

  • A built-in wardrobe with sliding doors is a mix between the modern apperance and a practical accessability to the content of our wardrobe. An open wardrobe with sliding doors requires the same space as it needs when it is closed.

    Sliding doors

  • A wardrobe with panel doors is a good choice for places with small width, where space saving is essential Generally a panel door requires only 2 cm of the wardrobe´s total depth

    Panel doors

  • The place where the wardrobe should be built, will determine the shape of it. Large spaces will allow more freedom for the design, but even building in an oblique wall or ceiling wouldn´t be impossible.

  • The adjustment of the built-in wardrobes is essential, as it will determine the type of objets it can hold. The number of the drawers, shelves and hanging rails should be set accordding to the ammount of clothes we have.

  • We can also offer a big variety of accesories for the wardrobes with sliding doors, which can improve the mood. Hanging rails and wardrobe lifts will ease the storage of your clothes.

  • For the materials of the built-in wardrobes, we have a big variety of laminate block-boards which can be used for the interior, for the front of the sliding or the panel door and for the drawers. On the doors, we can also put different kinds of mirrors or glass.