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  • Built-in wardrobe prices


    As for most of the products, the price is important for built-in wardrobes too, that´s why made a cost calculator which can give you a precise price for the wardrobe you planned. It´s precise,but during the measurement of the place, many new factors can appear which can modify the price. A big part of the price comes from the used block-boards, the doors and their material. The upper,lower and back part of the wardrobe are not calculated,but this price canbe further lowered if one or more of these sides are not needed,because of space reasons.

  • The use of the built-in wardrobe cost calculator.


    First, give the size, and the number of doors. The calculator will help to specifi the minimal and maximal door numbers needed for your width. After this you have to choose the block-board used as the framework of the built-in wardrobe. For the sake of simplicity, we give you three choices, but any block-board can be used as material. We mostly use Kastamonu boards. After choosing the framework comes the interior of the built-in wardrobe.



    First, choose where do you want to put the interior, then choose the arrangement which suits the best your needs. Then you have to choose a door for your built-in wardrobe. For the hardwares, the aluminium one is slightly more expensive than the steel one, but is also lighter which can be an important factor for bigger doors. For the doors, first choose their places, and only after the type of the door. Next is the material used for the sliding doors, glass,mirrors. If you are done, then clicking on the details section, you can check the final price of the wardrobe.

  • Please only give us your name, address and phone number if you are satisfied with the final price.


    Our free-of-charge place measurment is only available if you fully filled our calculator. In other cases the price of it is 5000 Ft.

  • We can provide a 10% discount, ONLY if your order in 48 hours.