• Built-in wardrobe

  • The built-in wardrobes can offer you a modern, stylish and practical solution for your clothes.

    Their size and shape can be easely adjusted to our personal needs, but in the same time, they can be adapted to the rooms of the house. Some rooms will determine the objects held in the wardrobe.

  • A built-in wardrobe in the hall is ideal for the holding of coats, shoes, umbrellas, hats and caps and other clothes, while a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom is for the holding of clothes and sheets.

    Another built-in wardrobe can be built in the living-room, which can hold books and gadgets.

    In fact, any room in our house can have a stylish built-in wardrobe.

  • The shape of the built-in wardrobe always adapts to the given room, It can be simple and straight, ”L” shaped for corners, oblique which can be put underr stairs, ”U” shaped which is generally used in closet rooms. Modern constructs and accesories make it possible to even in the most special places, hold our objets in practical way.

    Built-in wardrobe shapes

  • Building and arrangement of wardrobe interiors The construction and the arrangement of the interiors of the built-in wardrobes is adapting to the object held in them. The number of ledges, shelves and rails will determine the size and number of objects we can hold in them. Even tough the wardrobes can be changed to some point, it´s better to make up our minds about numbers before building it.

    Wardrobe interiors