• Built-in wardrobe shapes

  • The shape of the built-in wardrobe

    The most used wardrobe shape is the straight one, which can be used with one track on a ceiling, or two parallel on two ceilings. Even oblique ceilings couldn´t mean a problem during the assembling of the built-in wardrobe.

    Like this, the ceiling,tha place under under the stairs and other uncomman places can be used too. Although, because of the oblique ceileing, their interior and the doors can´t be symetrical, still with creative arrangement, they can expand the space.

    In attics with small angles, long rolling cupboards and holding systems are a good solution.

    For walk-in closets, the ”U” shaped wardrobes is the ideal choice. If there´s enough space in the room, then a walk-in closet is the best choice. Our top priority is that we find and reach easily our clother from here.

    If the walk-in closet is not preconceived, then there´s no proble because it can be separated with a modern door system.

  • A wardrobe for an ”L” shaped corner would also fit in well in a living room or a bed-room. It is recommended for corners to use shelves for an ideal use of space.

    Built-in wardrobe with modern space separating fonctions can be made with panel doors of sliding door, but it ha to be aesthetic from both sides.

    For an ideal space usage, our wardrobe should be planned to be built from floor to ceiling, so we use up all the space.