• Interior accesories

  • Accessories made for built-in wardrobes can satisfy every need.

    The different hardwares, rolling and holding parts makes it possible to hold more weight.

    We have many accessories to provide an easier holding, such as hangers, shelves, lifts and also vacuum cleaner and iron holders.

    With the use of a wardrobe lift, it is easier to reach the upper parts of the wardrobe.

  • The wider shelves can provide a big help in cases of deeper wardrobes where we can put multiple clothes behind each others.

    Wardrobe baskets are perfect for clothes put together, such as laundry.

    The different separators, tie and jewelry holders assure a precise arrangement.

    The fully drawable shelves and hangers can make reachable even the deepest parts

    The LED lights built in the interior of the built-in wardrobe will ease the searching.