• Sliding door

  • Sliding doors used on modern built-in wardrobes are use mainly because of their convenient functions and easily changable apperance.

    The sliding doors have many uses. They can be dividers between the rooms as a single door, or the part of a built-in wardrobe.

    The biggest advantage of a wardrobe with sliding doors is that we can easily free big surfaces. Also, even if it´s open, it doesn´t take up more space than a panel door.

    Sliding doors can be made with a one-fold, bi-fold or even a tri-fold track system, which means that the doors can be opened in front,or behind each other.

  • The maximal height of a sliding door is 275cm with a width of 100cm. Doors which are bigger than this are so heavy, that they wouldn´t work perfectly.

    The frames and the fillings of a wardrobe´s sliding door can be made out of many materials and there are many colours to choose from. Apart from the well known plain block-boarded and full-glassed one, many unique ones have appeared, such as the leather covered.

    The fillings of the sliding door can be: simple block-boards, rattan,coloured, transparent or sandblasted glass,mirrors, materials covered with textile, metal plates or materials made for unique needs.

  • On the other hand, the colours are recommended to be chosen accordingly to the room´s style.

    Some materials can even be combined. Doors with multiple colours are generally look good. The number of possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

    The aluminium and other metals used as the frame of the sliding doors can provide additionnal possibilities to give our built-in wardrobes a unique look. The hardwares are also available in multiple colours and sizes.