• Panel door

  • The benefit of wardrobes with panel doors, is that in an opened state, we have full acces to the inside of the wardrobe.
    Another benefit is that the door only requires 2cm of the total space.

    If we want a wardrobe with panel door, we must keep in mind that this door type takes up the most space, so it is not recommended to put it in small,tight places, corridors where the open door can block our movement.

  • The width and the height of the door should not be too big, as the door hinges can only hold a limited weight.

    If we would like to make a high wardrobe with panel door, it is recommended to use two horizontal doors, or make it thinner in a minimalist style, which is more trendy nowadays.

    The frames, dividers and fillings used for panel doors, are the same ones as the ones for sliding doors. It can be made of almos any material.
    As the different types of doors look the same, they can even be harmonised together on the fron of our built-in wardrobe.

    The panel doors can be built with a handle or a push-latch, which open if we push it gently.