• Colour samples

  • For some places the general aspect can be influenced by the built-in wardrobe and it´s front.

    When we choose the material, we have to pay attention for size of the space where we would like to put the wardrobe, and also the lights.

    Wardrobes with big and dark doors don´t look good in small spaces. For these places, it´s better to choose lighter colours or mirrors,glass which make the place look bigger.

  • The frame of the wardrobes is mostly made of steel. We import from many places for a big variety of block-boards.

    The block-boards of the built-in wardrobes comes mostly from Egger and Kastamonu companies.

    They offer a big choice over colours, you can find wooden-like, one coloured and creative boards too. With the use of the different block-boards, you can make your built-in wardrobe have a unique look.

    The different decoration glass can offer even more modern possibilities, chich can give a unique mood for any part of your home with their birght and coloured surface.