• Interior shapes

  • The interior of the built-in wardrobes will determine the number of clothes we will be able to carry.

    In the same time, it´s better to make our built-in wardrobe not only for everyday uses, but to make space for non-seasonal clothes.

    This can be made mostly if we build the wardrobe in high rooms.

  • If we wish to put our clothes on a coat hanger, then it is recommended to make the built-in wardrobe´s depth between 55 and 60 cm.

    We also recommend to mesure the size of the coat hangers and add 5 cm for the confortable holding.

    In case of a built-in wardrobe for the hall, the lenght of the coats will determine the height of the hanging rail.

    The height found between the shelves should be aroun 30-35cm, for comfort reasons. Clothes used everyday should be put in the middle, eye-height shelf, whereas shoes should be under.

    Smaller clothes and accesories such as underwears should be put in the shelves of our built-in wardrobe.

    Many shelf designer helped us to sort our items.

    For the upper parts,it´s better to design higher shelves, so both the seasonal and unused clothes are reachable.

  • Ideas for interior performance: