• AGC Lacobel glass colour samples.

  • The Lacobel glass used for the wardrobes are not transparent, coloured which can be found in a wide variety of colours.

    In case of built-in wardrobes, the glass is mostly for decoration or door filling.

    The colourful and, in the same time, bright glass surface can give a special, comfortable feeling, especiall if we mix it with block-boards.

    In case of sliding doors, we can have an interesting effect with the mixed use of coloured or sand-blasted glass,block-board,mirror.

  • The Lacobel decoration glass is available with a 4mm thick and very wide variety of colours. AGC company is always renewing the colour palette.

    The Lacobel glass used for the built-in wardrobes is a so-called float glass. One side of the glass is painted. They are guaranteed to be resistant against scratchings, and to be easily maintained.

    Apart from built-in wardrobe, it can be used in kitchens instead of tiles, for colourful wall decorations, or even for outside.

    Not transparent, painted glass, which can be bought in a wide variety of colours.

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