• About Us

  • HV Gardrób – Good quality for a good price

    We at HV Gardrób work with construction of built-in wardrobes with sliding doors or panel doors for over twenty years now.

    We think that built-in wardrobes are a solution for most of the holding problems.

    It is fundamental for us to use high quality materials. We can offer a big variety of block-boards. Our hardwares are imported from German and Polish partners.
    We can order aluminium and steel frames in numerous colours.

    Visit us at our show-room where you can have a closer look on our products.

    Our built-in wardrobes are always made for unique needs and unique places. For that reason, we provide our costumers with a free space measurement.

    After fixing an appointment, we go out and measure the place to be able to make the plans. Our specialists will help you to plan the interior and the exterior of your built-in wardrobe. He will take into account your personal needs, objets you wish to hold in the wardrobe, and also the properties of your room, so we can make the perfect built-in wardrobes for you.

  • We give you a offer according to the finished plans.

    After accepting our offer,and paying the deposit,we begin to build the wardrobe. Some parts will be assembled in advance.

    After this,the assembling will take place.

    The wardrobe is assembled on place, further reducing the time we work at your home.

    Our specialists can build the wardrobes and adjust the doors. All you need to do is put your clothes in it.

    Why choose HV Gardrób?

    Our built-in wardrobes are known for their reliability and the quality of the material, that is why we have a guarantee of 10 years.

    The number of our satisfied and returning costumers is a proof that our built-in wardrobes and cupboards are can hold their value and are durable. Ask for an offer!